Machinery Directive Test


Machinery Directive Test

1.        Background of Directive

Since January 1, 1995 onwards, sold in the European Union (EU) Member States of the adhesive machinery and equipment necessary to make it mandatory CE mark, a legitimate sales side, or else not be allowed to enter their markets. The current machinery directive (98/37/EC, on July 23, 1998 promulgated by the EU Official Gazette), replaced 89/392/EEC in 1989, and follow-up to the revised Directive 91/368/EEC, 93/44/EEC,93/63/EEC.

2.        Scope of Directive

Machinery Directive (Machinery Directive) contains 4 chapters, 16 sections and 9 Annex, applicable to agencies, mobile machinery, mechanical devices used to upgrade machinery and transportation of persons and security accessories. Laws and regulations in the basic health and safety requirements (EHSR) covering the whole field of mechanical engineering industries are extremely important aspects of society. Mechanical laws and regulations applicable to the following products:

- An assembly of linked parts or components.

- At least one movable part.

-Actuators, controls, and power circuits.

- Processing, treating, moving, or packaging a material.

- Several machines acting in combination.

- Interchangeable equipment.

- Dangers not covered by the Low Voltage Directive.

-  Not covered elsewhere by a specific community directive.


3. Directive and Electrical System

Mechanical products with electrical system, need to be consistent with the EN 60204-1 requirements. EN 60204-1 provides information on the machine electrical equipment requirements and recommendations to improve the safety of personnel and property and control the response of the continuity and easy to repair. Machinery in the electrical system requirements:


 - All electrical components must be in compliance with the relevant EN or IEC standards;


 - Three-phase power supply labeled L1, L2, L3, must grounding line and labeled PE, other related electrical components shall be grounded, grounded in a unified and independent on the copper;


 - Power supply circuits, control circuits, transformers and so on ... ... must have over-current protection (Over current protection), in general is raising fuse (Fuse) protection with or without fuse switch (NFB);


 - Rated motor power exceeding 0.5KW of components, have been required to protect the load (Overload protection);


 - General shall have the control circuit transformer, unless the following conditions have the electric control system would not have to have the transformer: only a single motor power less than 3KW, only a maximum of two external control components;


 - Man-machine interface (control panel), can not be less than 0.6 meters, and has to be waterproof IP54 level of dust protection, ON switch with 1 express, OFF switch express 0;


 - Control box must be at least open to 95 °, and has IP54 protection rating, but only IP23 motor ontology hierarchy can;


 - Distribution of Practice to be one terminal wire 1, AC, DC power supply circuit lines in black, AC control lines in red, DC control line in blue;


 - Motors have to comply with IEC34-1, and in the junction box marked Lightning posted, and shall be marked with the relevant specifications chrome license;


 - Must have complete technical documentation, including installation of maps, schematics, operating instructions, maintenance manuals, electrical components table;


 - Shall have the relevant test reports, for example: earthing continuity tests, insulation test voltage test.


4.        Directive and EBO Service:

Meticulous research in the basic connotation of machinery directive, combined with years of industrial experience, current professional and technical personnel of the EBO can provide to clients with the following service:


 - Product design before the technical advice to help understand the relevant provisions of directive from the source to a good design clearance;

 - Related to product safety standards guide instruction, assessment applicable product safety directives and standards, and explanations related to product safety directives and standards requirements;

 - Product safety standards and to check the proposed amendment;

 - Products based on EN1050 written report of the risk assessment and countermeasures;

 - Assist in identifying and edited product-related technical information: Mechanical-wide maps, specifications, mechanical structure, safety devices, marked maps, circuit diagrams and electrical components table, oil / air pressure maps and oil / pneumatic components table, operating manuals, etc.;

 - The implementation of the relevant scene in the factory test: check the structure of mechanical safety, electrical safety testing, noise testing projects;

 - Confirmation of validation samples, counseling manufacturers in accordance with the requirements of the standard sample preparation to verify and confirm that in line with the degree of validation samples;

 - CE safety technical documents (TCF) of editing and writing, content containing: Product functions and features described differences Series Product Description, Quality Assurance System Description, CE qualified statement, applicable directives and standards to describe, mechanical instruction of basic health and safety requirements, compliance audit report, the product risk assessment and countermeasures reports, standards related to product safety compliance audit report, the relevant safety standards of the test reports, noise test reports;

 - Assist in the establishment of a correct and complete declaration of CE compliance;

 - Confirmation of verification personnel referred to confirm the deletion and amendment to the direction of Products;

 - Products and to obtain a certificate validated.


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